High-quality 'digitisation' without a dedicated team of dedicated specialists is a difficult task: tying and linking data together is a painstaking task that requires time and special skills.

This is why we have created a new product - the Relabit online service, whereby you get a mobile app with always up-to-date data, and we take care of the data entry.
We help to digitise knowledge
How it works?
By registering with the system, you get a secure repository of information about your facility.
Mobile app to view all the information
A team of engineers who are ready to structure your facility's information
У Вас появляется
As soon as you find out some information concerning an object, you communicate it in any convenient way to the service team, and it appears in your mobile app, clearly structured between
Examples of communication
By e-mail
By messengers
By mobile app
The pipe in the basement to the right of the entrance, the uppermost pipe goes to apartment 15. This is the hot water supply.
There are new tenants in the apartment 67, we rent it out.
Today was the repair of automatic gate number 2, there replaced the left spring under warranty.
Transmitting information
As well as additional features and services, for example: ordering labels for labeling assets
Jack Smith, 23:19
Emily Brown, 11:11
Charlie Davis, 19:00
We found the first floor plan, in attachment
James Miller, 17:51
Here are 27 photos of the roof, some of which show damage that has not yet been repaired
William Moore, 14:00
The electrical switchboard and meters on the 5th floor are at the end of the corridor to the left of the column.
Thomas Wilson 15:33
Contacts info@relabit.online