Create a digital facility passport for easy management. Keep the information in the system, not in your head. Focus on solving the problem rather than endlessly searching for information. All knowledge about the object is structured and linked to each other within the system by our team for easy and quick access at the right moment. A pipe burst, how to shut off the water? When to change the ventilation filter? They cut off the electricity what to do?
Relabit online - digital interactive passport of your property
Who owns the apartment?
Whose car is this?
What's the paint code on the facade?
Who is the manufacturer of paving tiles? What are the warranty terms? Are there any leftover tiles?
Tree species? When was it planted? Who takes care of it?
How many people live in the house next door
What are the glass sizes?
Where is the water shut off?
Where is this cable connected?
When is the next elevator service due?
Where is the revision of riser?
It will be easier to manage it all!
Lots of possibilities.
Simple. Easy.
The service gives a large number of possibilities to simplify the operation of the object. You can enter absolutely any information and set up any connections and structures. Here is what you will have:
A mobile app to access your entire knowledge base
Convenient and efficient option to work with the information of the object. All data at your fingertips and available at any time on your smartphone.
Independence from the staff
With the absence of a knowledgeable person, his experience with the object will not go away, everything will remain in the system. Contribute knowledge when it appears, gradually improving its depth.
Inventory of all locations
Find the places you need easily and quickly. Now you can learn about every corner of your facility, and nothing gets overlooked.
Inventory of all assets of the object
Instant access to structured knowledge helps you make quick decisions and find information when you need it.
Links between assets
Thanks to the connections you can see the whole picture, as well as not to forget about the little things, and even faster to find information.
Interactive maps of the object
360° photos allow you to create an interactive map of the asset with all assets labeled. You can find an asset on the map and learn everything you need to know in the system without leaving your seat.
Contact information for residents and service organizations
Don't waste time looking for contacts and opportunities to get in touch. Solve issues now, when you really need it.
You don't need to know everything. The system will tell you how to act in current situations thanks to the instructions embedded in it. You will do everything right.
Service History
All actions performed on an asset will remain in the system, creating its history. You can return to them at any time to know what was done last time.
Search for knowledge via QR codes marking
Use QR code stickers or badges to tag assets at the facility and quickly recognize
about them by reading the code in the app
New features and updates
The service is constantly evolving and new features are being added. The apps update automatically, helping your data look better and more accessible
Why it's important to digitize
Any facility can become dependent on people keeping details of its changes during construction or operation in their heads. And no project documentation will solve this problem.

Relabit Online service, in which all the information about the object is collected, allows you to quickly introduce any team to perform the work and get rid of being tied to specific performers.

Knowledge of the facility should remain at the facility and not be the property of the maintainers or individual professionals.
We'll do it for you
We know it's complicated. And everything you find out about the object, tell us in a convenient way and we ourselves will structure and enter into the system. You get a mobile application with all the data at your fingertips. All you have to do is use.
Add to your knowledge
about the object
For the system to be more useful, it needs to be updated with knowledge. The more information in the system, the easier it is to manage the object. Pass any information to the team in any convenient form and get structured data. I will write in Telegram. Call you. Send it to e-mail. Send via mobile app
The service handles and enters information
The incoming information is entered into the application, connections are created, properties are prescribed
The knowledge is now always with you
As soon as the information is entered, it will automatically appear in the system and can be viewed
Everything is strictly.
Each user receives only his own set of information. Your data is securely protected at the same level as banking systems with state-of-the-art security technology.
For example, the owner of an apartment in an apartment building will only see his apartment, the chairman will see the entire house, and the service technician will only see his subsystem that he is repairing.
Let's get acquainted. Get access to the completed demo base for two weeks.
You will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the system and its features.
How to start
to use?
If you're ready to get started, just two steps separate you from using the service.
When you subscribe, provide your information to create an account in the system. Once we notify you of the account creation, you can download the Relabit FM mobile app and log in with your phone number and SMS code.
The team structures and contributes information
After logging in, you will see your empty object. And now you need to fill it with information and add new users to it, to do this, send the appropriate requests to the team through the application. The result will not be long in coming.
Use and keep on using
You can use the data you have entered. But this is just the beginning - keep filling the system with data to get the most out of it. A lot is gathered by bits and pieces
By purchasing a subscription, you get to make and update information in the system, and use its advanced features while the subscription is valid. Viewing available information stays with you forever.
Accessing data from a mobile app
Number of serviced objects
One object
One object
Any number of objects
The Relabit team's work with the information provided
We put in what they provide, don't watch out for conflicts of information
We put in what they provide, don't watch out for conflicts of information
Keeping track of the content, clarifying missing data, suggesting methods of collecting information
Tools for digital facility operation
Cost per month
20 Euro
50 Euro
On request
Accessing data from a mobile app
Number of serviced objects
The Relabit team's work with the information provided
Tools for digital facility operation
Cost per month
Accessing data from a mobile app
Number of serviced objects
The Relabit team's work with the information provided
Tools for digital facility operation
Cost per month
Data processing policy
Request for special conditions
Specify special requirements that are important to you